Killing spores in smelly shoes?

Marc Anton ma2 at
Wed Mar 27 02:51:37 EST 1996

Thanks for the suggestions all.

Paul Zambino:
> I have had some smelly pairs before, too.  One was a pair of 
> hush-puppies (pigskin)
Yes, one of the pair are hush-puppies walking shoes,
but I'm not sure if they're pig skin.
David Brayford:
>Soak them in live yoghurt overnight and then microwave on high for 6
>minutes each.
>..the easiest solution is to bury them in the garden for 2-3
>weeks and let the soil microflora sort it out.
Was this serious?
I'm beginning to think I'll just have to bury them period.
But before I do I may give it one last stab with some lethal
combination of Lysol, disinfectant/fungicide, H202...
Microbiology is not my field and I never suspected that 
bacteria, besides fungi, could also breed in shoes.
I just bought a new shoe rack with metal catches to hang
the shoes on, but I don't want to hang these shoes on
the rack unless I'm totally rid of whatever is infesting
them because I don't want to contaminate the other shoes. 

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