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Dear colleague,

In France, I initiated in 1991 a National Program for Inventory and 
Mapping the Mycota (all fungal species).
This program concerns the whole french mycological community, which is, 
of course, mainly made of amateurs. Most of the mycological societies in 
France take part in the program and the total amount of people 
(seriously I mean) involved in it is probably above 250 persons.

Results are to be published soon (you may also check some papers I 
published about that : Bull.Soc.Mycol.Fr. 107(4):161-203 -1992(1991)- and 
Fungi of Europe -investigation, recording and mapping (Kew 
Congress):5-12 -1993).
First a red data list in Nord -Pas-de-Calais area (Northern France, were 
I am working personnally) planned for 1996.
Second a formal inventory of the fungi known in France (hopefully for 
Mapping program is running more slowly but some areas have completed maps 
for many species. Results will be published later.

So, to summarize under the scope of your question, amateur mycologists in 
France are extremely involved in official programs, the above-cited one 
being the most important. A smaller program is now funded. It concerns 
the european RENECOFOR program. I (as coordinator of the National 
Inventory and Mapping Program) got funding for surveying some plots. Here 
again, most of the people who will contribute are amateurs.

Probably more examples could be added.

I am interested in the results of your search and remain at your disposal 
for further information.



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>Dear folks:
>        I am preparing an article discussing the integration of
>non-professional mycologist/mushroom hunters into formal research 
>particularly in fungal biodiversity surveys.  If you know of major
>contributions by individuals or amateur organizations to mycological
>research, from anywhere in the world, I would be very grateful if you 
>inform me.  Please respond to me directly, and I will post a summary at 
>future time.  Oh, I am already aware of the Oregon Mycological 
>chantarelle study, and of the works reported by Eef Arnolds in the 
>        Thanks much in advance,
>Dr. John (Jack) Murphy  (JMURPHY at
>Dept. of Botany
>Field Museum of Natural History
>Chicago, IL 60605-2496
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