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: >: >To the contrary, it always seemed to me that "fly-agaric" must have been 
: >: >derived from our word "agar" for a growth medium"; because, the mushrooms 
: >: >odor, resembling that of rotting flesh, caused flies to lay their eggs on 
: it, 
: >: >as evidenced by popular reports that maggots appear on the mushroom soon 
: after 
: >: >it starts to decay.
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: >: >I was wondering if anybody had any recent info that supported or refute 
: either 
: >: >of these positions.
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: >: >My thanks in advance.
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: >Technically, "agar" does not refer to growth media, it is simply an 
: >additive used to solidify nutrient solutions. Agar is specifically used 
: >for this task because it cannot be metabolized (provide nutrition) by 
: >most organisms.

: Imho, this technical definition of agar should probably be viewed as a 
: refinement of the originally broader definition of the Malay etymon of "agar", 
: "agar-agar", which referred to "a gelatinous material derived from certain 
: marine algae". These algae are those that form seaweeds like kelp, rockweed, 
: or gulfweed, which Polynesians and others have used as the "growth medium" we 
: refer to as "fertilizer" from time immemorial, precisely because they can be 
: and are metabolized by many organisms. 

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: Steve Berlant

There are parts of seaweed that can be metablized, and seaweed was used 
extensively as a fertilizer in pre-famine Ireland. But, the specific 
compound agar is not metabolized, especially not after polymerization which 
would only occur after boiling.


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