Lester Pasarell Lester.Pasarell at UTMB.EDU
Wed May 15 09:04:51 EST 1996

>anyone with experience or info on trichosporon penicillium, particularly 
>in regards to skin and scalp infections of a particularly persistent 
>nature? This fungus also has an ability to attach itself to and to grow 
>on synthetics. Please help me if you can........dougzen at

What type of information are you looking for?
is it on Candida parapsilosis? or Trichosporon beigelii, the agent of white
piedra in 
humans? or Trichosporon penicillatun a rarely isolated environmental yeast
like organism?
There has been a lot of "name" changes for the genus Trichosporon in the
last couple
of years...
please e mail me with specifics about your query

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