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John McCusker mccusker at ABACUS.MC.DUKE.EDU
Thu May 16 09:31:38 EST 1996

Postdoctoral Position: A postdoctoral position is available to study 
fungal pathogenesis and/or quantitative genetics using genetic and 
molecular approaches with S. cerevisiae as a model system: Genetics 
(1994) 136: 1261-1269; J. Infec. Dis. (1994) 169: 859-867; Nature 
Genetics (1993) 4: 11-18; Infec. Immun. (1994) 62: 5447-5455; Infec. 
Immun. (1995) 63: 478-485.  Extensive molecular biology expertise is 
required and experience with yeast or other fungal genetic systems is 
desirable.  Duke is an EOAAE.  Please send curriculum vitae with three 
references to: 

Dr. John H. McCusker
Dept. of Microbiology, 3020
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
telephone: (919) 681-6744
fax: (919) 684-8735
e-mail: mccusker at

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