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> The following announcement has been sent to the ditor of the FUNGUS 
> E-mailnewsletter.
> A new additive is currently being tested by Dutch oyster mushroom 
> growers: Enzyme+. The underlying principle is to stimulate the enzyme 
> system of the Oyster mushroom, to increase lignin metabolization. 
> Laboratory results revealed an extra yield of 2-5% extra mushrooms, 
> especially during the second flush.
> The major drawback is the price of the additive: it costs Hfl 20,- 
> (approx. 13 US$) per ton of wet substrate. If larger amounts are ordered, 
> (for the production of 200 tons of substrate) the price drops below 
> Hfl 15,- per quantity, sufficient for 1 ton of substrate. (prices exclude 
> shipping, handling and VAT)
> It depends on the price of the oyster mushrooms whether it is economic to 
> use the additive. In Holland, a mere 1% increase in yield of the 
> mushrooms brings an extra income of Hfl 70,- per ton. If the laboratory 
> results are similar to the laboratory experiments, the extra income would 
> equal Hfl40 to Hfl350 per ton of substrates, much more than the costs of 
> the additive.
> In order to evaluate the effect of the additive, it is essential to 
> compare substrate from the same batch in the same growing room. The 
> additive might be mixed with the spawn for the experiments. When it is 
> found to work well, it could be mixed with the substrate prior to the 
> pasteurisation process. 
> Special experimental packages have been produced, which have been 
> sterilized to allow addition at the moment of spawning for experimental 
> purposes.
> Anybody who wishes to receive more information can send me an 
> E-mail: poei at telebyte.nl
> The exact price depends on bank fees, shipping, VAT etc.
> Peter Oei, ECO Consult
>Dear Mr. Oei, 
Why not wait till the tests are over and the results are final before sending 
out those messages. As you will be aware, most additives have had no effect so 
far. At least some different substrates and some different strains should have 
been tested untill statistically significant differences are seen before 
drawing conclusions. Sincerely, L.J.L.D. Van Griensven.

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