Minnesota Morels

Mike Zimmerli zimman at uslink.net
Mon May 27 21:12:12 EST 1996

TPolta wrote:
> Morels are out in Minnesota--and it looks like a great season, if it will
> last a few days.  Found 60 yellow morels around one stump in Anoka County
> last week.  Found 12 - 18 black morels in a short time in Cass County
> (near Leach Lake) this afternoon.
> TPolta at aol.com
I found three IN MY GARDEN Sunday afternoon. We have lived in Grand 
Rapids, MN since 1987, and since then we have found five Minnesota 
morels on our wooded property, and that's counting the three Sunday. 
Just not warm and humid enough usually. 
BTW - couldn't eat them...too much sand had collected...crunch, crunch!

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