Pine straw digesters?

Louis K. Bonham lkbonham at
Tue May 28 07:04:24 EST 1996

Stamets 1 wrote:
> Ok, I have been silent for awhile. Tom is right in that Clitocybe nuda is
> a good candidate, but did you folks know that many Psilocybes are great at
> exploiting the pine straw niche? [snip]

As an academic matter, this is very interesting and amusing; I look 
forward to the upcoming release of your new book.  As a pragmatic matter, 
however, the state of current law makes its use a moot issue for me.  [I'm an 
attorney and thus can't claim ignorance of the statutes regarding unlicensed 
cultivation/possession of psilocybes.]  

Re: Clitocybe nuda, two questions:

1.	Can you suggest a nitrogen supplement and ratio to mix with the pine 
straw?  I have access to a virtually unlimited supply of spent brewers' 
grains, which are high in nitrogen.  

2.	Your latest FP catalog notes availability of strain of Clitocybe 
nuda, but seems to indicate that it would not work in the hot, humid weather 
of the Texas Gulf Coast (i.e., "fruiting temp: 40-55F").  Would it work 
and, if not, can you suggest a strain that will (or should I hit up the 
members of the Texas Mycological Society for a sample of a native specimen). 

Best regards ---- > LKB

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