Food Fungi

Lester Pasarell Lester.Pasarell at UTMB.EDU
Wed May 29 10:14:44 EST 1996

Someone(sorry I did not keep a copy of the message) recently posted a
question concerning a reference or books about Food Mycology and a course
that they where going to give.
Just today I received from "sensei" ( my boss..el jefe) two very nice books
with lots of information about it. One with methods, theory and procedures
and the other one with very
nice pictures and descriptions of the fungi. Here they are:

Modern Methods in Food Mycology, Developments in Food Science 31. Edited by
Robert A. Samson,
Ailsa D. Hocking, John I. Pitt and Douglas A. King. 1992. Published by
Elsevier Amsterdam-London-New York-Tokyo. ISBN 0-444-88939-6


Introduction to Food-Borne Fungi. Edited by Robert A. Samson, Ellen S.
Hoekstra, Jens C. Frisvad
and Ole Filtenborg. 1995. Fourth edition. Published and distributed by the
Centraalbureau voor
Schimmelcultures, P.O. Box 273, 3740 AG BAARN, The Netherlands
ISBN 90-70351-27-7

this last book would make a good laboratory handbook or guide to the fungi...

hope this helps

so many nice books about little time (-:


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