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>Does anyone know if there is a structure analagous to a cleistothecium in 
>the Deuteromycota?

Analagous?  By definition, no.  Cleistothecia are structures in which
ascospores form,  and fungi that produce ascospores are not deutero-

Homologous?  Perhaps.  It has been proposed that Aspergillus sclerotia
(like those produced in A. flavus) are derived from cleistothecia. 
Aspergillus sclerotia vary a lot structurally,  but none produce
spores.  If cleistothecia and sclerotia do not share a common 
evolutionary origin,  then in a sense they may be analagous,  because 
both may be important agents of resistant dispersal.  But I think that's
going out on a limb.

Dave Geiser

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