Kelly Patrice Collins kpcollin at
Sat Nov 2 07:54:35 EST 1996

In answer to my own question, and just in case anyone else wants to know. 
 The structure "analagous to a cleistothecium" (and, yes, for all you 
anal types, I mean "similar in function but not in evolutionary 
origin")in the deutermycetes seems to be a papulospore.  Now, I know some 
of you may argue that analogy anyway, and I'd like to hear whether you 
could consider it as you do a perithecium/pycnidium.  Some consider them 
a type of sclerotia, but that's argued also (then again, what isn't??).  
If anyone knows any more about papulospores or has seen them, please let 
me know.

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