Ms Kelly's rudeness

dreynold at MIZAR.USC.EDU dreynold at MIZAR.USC.EDU
Sat Nov 2 12:42:47 EST 1996

> The structure "analagous to a cleistothecium" (and, yes, for all you
>anal types, I mean "similar in function but not in evolutionary
>origin") in the deutermycetes seems to be a papulospore.

Ms. Kelly Kelly Patrice Collins <kpcollin at> labels some
persons replying to her query about a cleistothecium produced by mitotic
fungi as "anal [retentive]."

This question should have been  better framed after doing some basic
reading of mycological literature.Those who expressed concern for a correct
definition of the term "cleistothecium" seemed to have responded with
concern for accuracy. To  label these respondants "anal" in response to a
general call on a broad interest bulletin board reflects a sloppy attitude
about accuracy and careful definition.

David Geiser's comment concerning analogy vs. homology is right on the button.

Don R. Reynolds

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