Poisonous Morels?

Rich Martin richm at ncw.net
Sun Nov 3 17:41:49 EST 1996

I live in Northcentral Washington state, and have collected "Early Morels"
("Verpa's"), the "Edible Morel" (Morchella esculenta's), and the
"Narrow-capped Morel" (Morchella augusticeps), for years and years...with
my parents and brothers and sister.  I have a book called: "The Savory
Wild Mushroom" by Margaret McKenny copyrighted 1962, that refers to most
of the edible mushrooms of this area.  The other day at work, a coworker
and I were talking about gathering morels, and she mentioned being told by
another source, to be careful not to get any "False Morels" mixed in with
her collection, because they were deadly poison, and looked very mush like
the "good" ones.  Well, I commented that I have never heard of a
"poisonous morel" or a correctly-identified "False morel". BTW, our family
has ate these morels for years, as I stated, with no ill effects...love
them.. Are there any of these "poisonous morels, or false morels" anywhere
to be found? If so are there any good "Color Photos" of them on the web or
any books on such?
Thank You...
-=Rich Martin=-
Wenatchee, Wa.
richm at televar.com

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