Ms Kelly's rudeness

Jessie Micales jmicales at
Mon Nov 4 09:31:20 EST 1996

Kelly Collins said:
>> The structure "analagous to a cleistothecium" (and, yes, for all you
>>anal types, I mean "similar in function but not in evolutionary
>>origin") in the deutermycetes seems to be a papulospore.
>Ms. Kelly Kelly Patrice Collins <kpcollin at> labels some
>persons replying to her query about a cleistothecium produced by mitotic
>fungi as "anal [retentive]."......

Hi Don.  I think you misread Kelly's posting.  She was not saying your question 
was "anal," she was just clarifying her use of the term "analogous." After all, 
there are many people who are sticklers when it comes to the use of terms 
(especially in academia) - she was just indicating that she was giving it 
the precise, proper usage.  

I know Kelly personally.  In fact, I share my office with her!  She is a very 
bright, creative, inquisitive woman who is constantly asking me questions that 
I don't the answers to.  I really enjoy having her around, and I'm learning a 
lot by interacting with her. 

Jessie Micales
Research Plant Pathologist
Forest Products Laboratory
Madison, WI


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