Ms Kelly's rudeness

Tom Volk volk_tj at
Mon Nov 4 12:25:03 EST 1996

Jessie Micales wrote:
> Kelly Collins said:
> >> The structure "analagous to a cleistothecium" (and, yes, for all you
> >>anal types, I mean "similar in function but not in evolutionary
> >>origin") in the deutermycetes seems to be a papulospore.

> >Ms. Kelly Kelly Patrice Collins <kpcollin at> labels some
> >persons replying to her query about a cleistothecium produced by mitotic
> >fungi as "anal [retentive]."......
> Hi Don.  I think you misread Kelly's posting.  She was not saying your question
> was "anal," she was just clarifying her use of the term "analogous." After all,
> there are many people who are sticklers when it comes to the use of terms
> (especially in academia) - she was just indicating that she was giving it
> the precise, proper usage.

> I know Kelly personally.  In fact, I share my office with her!  She is a very
> bright, creative, inquisitive woman who is constantly asking me questions that
> I don't the answers to.  I really enjoy having her around, and I'm learning a
> lot by interacting with her.
> Jessie Micales

Hi Don and Jessie

I would like to add my defense of Kelly as well.  As a former student of
mine and now a good friend, she has always been all the good things
Jessie says about her and more. She is a very inquisive and intelligent
student. In her post she was using an analogy to try to get some
analysis. Sometimes in cyberspace it is easy to misread intentions and I
am sure Kelly meant no offense. Plus--- She can be quite a stickler for
detail herself.
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