Trichoderma ID

Tue Nov 5 10:52:59 EST 1996

Dear Fungus-types,

	We are looking for an expert in species identification of Trichoderma.
We had one Trichoderma done by ATCC, and that blew a big chunk in our very
small budget.  Does anyone know of an expert who may be able to help us out for
less or no cost (perhaps some exchange of other resources)?  Please point us in
the right direction, and we would be ever-so-grateful.  We are in the Department
of Microbiology at UMass Amherst (formally, we had a seperate Plant Pathology
Department but we were "consolidated" into Microbiology this past July), and
are interested in Trichoderma as possible biocontrol agents for phytopathogenic
fungi.  I can be Emailed at  berman at  and I thank you for your

						Phyllis Berman

						of the upsized
					   Department of Microbiology
						and the downsized
					     formerly Plant Pathology

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