Mycological succession after forest harvesting

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Sun Nov 10 12:02:56 EST 1996

Marc, Fisrt, my apologies for taking so long to reply. We are having a
great mushroom season right now. You are asking important questions here,
ones which have not been very well studied. The few studies of which I am
aware deal with ectomycorrhizal fungi. The work of Mason, Last and others
is from studies of exotic tree species in Great Britain (Mason, P.A. et
l., 1983. Plant and Soil 71: 247-256. ibid 1982 For. Ecol Manag. 4:
19-39.). In the Pacific Northwest, Luoma studied hypogeous fungi on a
chronosequence of Douglas fir stands (Luoma, Trappe and Frankel 1991.
Mycologia 83: 335-353. and a paper in a forest service technical report
"Wildlife and vegetation of late-successional douglas fir forests".). I
have published some early results from a longer term study (O'Dell, T.E.,
Luoma and Molina. 1992. NW Environ. J. 8: 166-8.) the five year data is
being worked up by jane smith and randy molina... We take for granted that
many species of fungi are only found fruiting in late successional forests
(most Ramaria, Amanita, Tricholoma many Cortinarius and so on). I beleive
that old stands (particularly the really ancient 300+ year ones) are more
diverse than younger ones. But the questions of whether these species have
to recolonize or can persist as vegetative mycelium but require old stands
just to fruit; which species come back soonest after disturbance, what
factors are controlling succession and many many others are wide open. 
Hope that helps, Cheers! 

 On 27 Oct 1996, Deconchat Marc wrote:

> Hello mycologists,
> I am mooking for bibliography (or adress of labs) about the effects of 
> forest  harvesting in temperate zone on fungi. Is there a succession, what
> is the evolution of diversity, etc.
> Thanks for any help.
> Please, answer by Email.
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