Eating Sulfur shelf

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Sun Nov 10 23:24:35 EST 1996

>I recently stumbled across a big, mature sulfur shelf
>perched atop an old stump.
>I've since cleaned it, cut/torn it to bits, sauteed it,
>given it a quick boil in chicken stock(seemed appropriate),
>and frozen it.
>I'm now wondering just what the hell to do with it all.

I have eaten chicken of the woods for many years and it is one of my
favorites. Some people report experiencing a slight stomach discomfort
when eating this mushroom. I have never had a problem myself.
You said that you found a mature specimen and tore it to bits. I
suggest that next time you find one you trim only the softer outer
edges as the harder interior parts are somewhat woody unless you find
a very young one. 
The first time that I collected them to eat I gathered about three
gallons of them. My mom parboiled and canned them. As we opened the
jars, we ended up going through and discarding about 60% of the
mushrooms as they were as hard as the logs from which they were


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