"cleistothecial" anamorphs

Kathie T. Hodge kh11 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 12 15:11:05 EST 1996

OK, here's one for you:

Mathieson described a strange thing which he proposed fairly convincingly
to be an anamorph of Cordyceps aphodii Mathieson.  It is like a
cleistothecium in that it produces phialoconidia inside a small ball of
branching, modified hyphae which grow up and around the conidiophore from
the subtending cell.  It looks vaguely like an Aegerita that's filling
itself up with phialoconidia inside.

I just encountered the thing in the literature this weekend, and I would
be very interested to hear from anyone who's actually seen it or has a
culture of it, or who can think of a genus it might fit into.  It's quite

Mathieson describes it as "Conidial Stage A" in the following paper:
Mathieson, J. 1949. Cordyceps aphodii, a new species, on pasture
cockchafer grubs. Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 32(2):113-136.

Kathie Hodge
kh11 at cornell.edu

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