The Heart of the Firestorm

Charles P. McCarthy pandoc at
Tue Nov 12 21:06:11 EST 1996

Depree, Jonathan A wrote:
> This is all very interesting, but why was it posted to bionet.mycology?
> Jonathan Depree,
> Lincoln University, P.O. Box 84, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Thank you for your interest, Jonathan.

The information is considered a critical update
and a request for assistance from anyone with the
facilities to perform gas chromatography.

The natural immunomodulators that are being 
isolated and identified may not only be efficaceous
in treating the viral infection but also fungal and 
other opportunistic infections that follow.

So if you are bored with basidiocarps, cooling on 
Coprinus, and fed up with shelf fungi, now is the
time of the hunt...

"Life is a membrane that reproduces."
Good luck,


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