Edibility of Lepistas

Harry Lehto hlehto at utu.fi
Thu Nov 14 08:51:23 EST 1996

Dear mushroomers,
              I ran accross two Lepista species Lepista nuda (=Blewit)
[finnish name: Sinivalmuska] and Lepista nebularis [Härmämalikka]. 
(Both have been assigned sometimes to Clitocybe of Tricholoma genera.) 
Any way, most books I have tell that these are edible, but warn that 
some people get gastric side-effects.

I would like to hear about experience of such effects with these mushrooms
and wheather they occured if mushrooms were boiled before preparing them 
for food.

Also I would appreciate in hearing about your experience with 
Hypoloma capnoides [Kuusilahokka] considered a good edible species here 
in Finland. 

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