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Fri Nov 15 05:04:19 EST 1996

Hi all!

Here is a challange for all the Internet mycologists.
Three friends of mine (Cacialli, Caroti and Doveri, authors of
a book about dung fungi) are doing a research about the species
of Coprinus described world-wide, and are collecting a huge
amount of literature about this genus. Obviously they found some
references to articles which are not available in Italy, and
after looking for them in several european institutions, they
thought to try the Web. So I have a long list of things to look
for: there are articles, species of which we know the author but
not the original description, species of which we know only the
name, and species of which we know where the original description
is, but not how to get it. For those of you who have access to
botanical libraries: please read this list and let me know if you
can help us someway. Obviously you will be refunded for the
expenses you will have to send us material. Anyway, before
sending anything, please E-mail me!
Thank you all for your help.

Marco Floriani
Via Vigolana, 8
I-38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)
E-mail: mflorian at


o Ellis, J.B. & Everhart, B.M., Notes on a species of Coprinus
  from Montana - The Microscope (Trenton), 10, 1890: 129-131
  + 1 plate
o Gibbs, Coprinus cordisporus (exact title unknown!) - The
  Naturalist, 614, 1908: 100
o Pinto-Lopes, J. & Almeida, M.G., "Coprinus lagopus", a
  confusing name applied to several species - Portugaliae
  Acta Biologica, series B, 7, 1970: 167-204 (or 11, 1972:
  167-240, two different references have been found!)
o Two unreported "inky caps" (Coprinus) from Poona - Poona
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o Coprinus atramentarius var. soboliferus (Fries) Rea
o Coprinus aphthosus var. boltonii Massee
o Coprinus forquignonii Massee
o Coprinus hyaleae Singer
o Coprinus micaceus var. laetior Fries
o Coprinus noctifluus (noctiflorus?) Brefeld
o Coprinus nycthemerus var. patouillardi Quelet
o Coprinus plicatiloides Buller
o Coprinus papillatus var. oxygenus Fries
o Coprinus involucratus Durieu et Leveille
o Coprinus thelesporius B. (Bonorden?)
o Coprinus grallatus B. (Bonorden?)


o Coprinus atramentarius var. silvestris
o Coprinus comatus var. conicus
o Coprinus fimetarius var. silvicola
o Coprinus luridus
o Coprinus lacunosus
o Coprinus micaceus var. granularis


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o Coprinus coffeicola, Coprinus leviceps Massee
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o Coprinus confertus Copeland
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o Coprinus giganteus Rytz
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o Coprinus sulcatus, Coprinus sulphureus Mc Clatchie
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o Coprinus spragueformis Murrill
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o Coprinus flosculus Berkeley
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o Coprinus cordisporus Naveau
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o Coprinus atramentarius var. variegatus Rick
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o Coprinus equinus Chelchowsky
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o Coprinus modestus Berkeley & Curtis
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o Coprinus colensoi Berkeley
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o Coprinus floridanus Murrill
  Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci., 7, 1945: 125-126
o Coprinus lugubris Risso
  Fl. de Nice, tab. 552-553

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