Coprinus: help (long)!

Sun Nov 17 14:27:31 EST 1996

     Dear Marco
     I don't have access to the original 1855 description but I will see if 
     I can get hold of it. In the meantime the following might be useful.
     Coprinus colensoi Berkeley, in Hooker, Flora Novae-Zealandiae, vol. 2, 
     p.175, 1855. Also Hooker, Hanbook of the New Zealand Flora, p.604, 
     Massee, G. 1898. The fungus flora of New Zealand. Transactions and 
     Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 31: 282-349 + plates 
     Page 292 "Coprinus colensoi, Berk., Flora N.Z.  ii., p.175; Hdbk. N.Z. 
     Flora, p.604; Sacc., Syll. v., no.  .
     Pileus cylindrical, obtuse, then companulate, very thin, covered with 
     snow-white scurfy meal, below the meal greyish and slightly striate, 
     1/2-3/4 cm. high; gills narrow, black; spores blackish-brown, 
     elliptic-oblong, 0.7 mu long; stem 1.5-4 cm. long, slender, tomentose, 
     On dung; subfasciculate. Northern Island, New Zealand.
     A pretty little endemic species, allied to Coprinus niveus, bur 
     smaller, and the pileus not so cottony in its covering veil."
     Horak, E. 1971. A contribution towards the revision of the Agaricales 
     (Fungi) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 9: 403-462.
     Page 413. "Coprinus colensoi Berkeley. The type specimen (Berkeley 
     5293) is well prreserved. The spores of this small Coprinus, only 1-2 
     cm high, measure 7-8 x 3.5-4 mu and have a broad apical germ-pore. The 
     globular cells of the veil (20-50 mu diam.) on top of the pileus are 
     densely but minutely warted. These peculiarities put C.colensoi into 
     sect. Vestii (Lange) Kuhner and Romagnesi." Fig 4/61, a, b & c, p.414, 
     depict carpophores, spores, cuticle.
     Note "Berkeley 5293" held at Kew.
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