A Request for Help

Kevin McFarlane nstn2762 at fox.nstn.ca
Tue Nov 19 17:18:10 EST 1996

	I'm currently working on the second draft of a fiction novel 
based on a tree-eating fungus. From time to time I'm going to need some 
questions answered and was wondering if anyone would mind if I posted 
them here to pick your brains?
	Previously I posted asking if anyone would be willing to help me 
with the project but I've found you mycologists are a busy bunch and are 
hard to get a hold of. So, I thought I'd just post here and anyone 
knowing the answers could e-mail me. That way I'm not taking up too much 
of any one person's time. I'm hoping maybe a couple of you will become 
interested enough in the plot to follow along and maybe offer suggestions 
but that's entirely up to you.
	Anyways here's the first question: (oh, this is dealing with a 
mutated tree fungus. I'm not sure if that's important to know or not but 
thought I'd tell you)Okay, so this new strand (?) of fungus is found in 
European forests. It's very resilient and none of the known fungicides 
(what would you use? I've got a couple already but would like some more 
suggestions) can kill it off. My mycologists are working to break down 
the structure of the cell. What I need to know is what you'd look for 
that'd differentiate the types of fungi. Or something not a lot of other 
strands have and would be hard to locate.
	I appreciate any help you can offer and thank you for your time. 
If you have any questions just e-mail me at the above address.

Kevin McFarlane

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