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Giuseppe Macino macino at AXCASP.CASPUR.IT
Wed Nov 20 10:20:54 EST 1996


Postdoctoral  position available for molecular and biochemical
characterization of the blue light response in Neurospora crassa

Our laboratory is involved in  decoding the blue-light signal transduction
pathway in N. crassa.
Several projects are currently ongonig in the lab  ranging from:
- cloning of new genes involved in light transduction by molecular genetics
- involvement of protein kinases activity in light regulation
- characterization of  functional interaction between the  recently
identified white collar-1 and white collar-2 gene products
- identification of other elements of this transduction  pathway by the
yeast two hybrid system methodology.

Some references to recent work are the following

A. Carattoli, E. Kato, M.R. Franco, W.D. Stuart and G. Macino (1995) "A
chimeric light regulated aminoacid transport system, allows the isolation
of blue light regulator (blr) mutants of Neurospora crassa"  PNAS 92:14,
G. Arpaia, A. Carattoli and G. Macino (1995) "Light and development
regulate the expression of the Albino-3 in Neurospora crassa" Developmental
Biology 170,626-635
P. Ballario,P. Vittorioso,A. Magrelli,L. Massimi,A. Cabibbo and G. Macino
(1996) "White Collar-1, a central regulator of blue light response in
Neurospora, is a Zinc finger protein" EMBO J. 15:7, 1650-1657
C. Cogoni, J. Irelan, M. Schumacher, T. Schmidhauser, E. Selker, G. Macino
( 1996) " Transgene silencing in vegetative cells of Neurospora crassa is
mediated by a cytoplasmic effector and does not depend on DNA:DNA
interactions or DNA methylation"  EMBO J. 15:12, 3153-3163
H. Linden, G. Macino (1996) "White collar 2, a partner in blue light signal
transduction, controlling expression of light-regulated genes in Neurospora
crassa"  EMBO  J(in press)
H. Linden, M. Rodriguez-Franco, G. Macino (1996) "Regulatory mutants of
Neurospora crassa in blue light perception" Mol. Gen   Genet. (in press)

We expected that the successful canditate(s) should have molecular biology
and  biochemical expertises. We will evaluate as a favourable trait
experiences  in fungal or plant research. European scientists are
encouraged to apply due to the European sources of fundings. Please send a
CV and names of three scientists for reference.

Giuseppe Macino or
Paola Ballario
Dipartimento di Biopatologia Umana
Sez Biologia Cellulare
Policlinico Umberto I=B0
Viale Regina Elena 324
00161 Roma Italy
Macino at

Giuseppe Macino
E-mail  Macino at
Dipartimento di Biopatologia Umana
Sezione di Biologia Cellulare
Policlinico Umberto I=B0
Viale Regina Elena 324
00161 Roma Italy
Phone:  39-6-445 2806 office
        39-6-445 7731 lab
        39-6-446 2891 Fax

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