Information on Ibotenic acid?

Tom McCloud McCloud at
Sat Nov 23 11:42:54 EST 1996

Richard Chiu wrote:
> I am doing a general research project on ibotenic acid
> (alpha-amino-2,3-dihydro-3-oxo-5-Isozoleacetic acid) but I am having
> many problems trying to locate facts about its physical/chemical
> properties and information about its synthesis. I was hoping someone
> could give me some hints on where I could find information about this
> particular substance. 

Have you pulled the Merck Index off the shelf?    In my 12th edition,
item 4922, there are references to it's source as a natural product,
structure ellucidation, synthesis, pharmacology, etc.   Takes about 1
minute to read, then you decide which references are significant to your
project and track them down.    Tom McCloud

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