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>Lewis Melville wrote:

>>         There are plenty of ultrastructural features that are unique to
>> different families of fungi. For example, [...] Basidiomycetes have clamp
>> connections [...] You could invent a fictitious ultrastuctural feature,
>> named after me of course :-) for discovering it.
>This is a wonderful idea. You could invent a slightly modified type of
>clamp connections and name it the Melville's connections: it sounds
>doesn't it?

I don't know. I think whatever feature you invent has to seem interesting to a 
lay-person. I would favour some sort of mysterious electron-dense mass, maybe 
a modified woronin body. Who knows what it's made of.
Remember the shot on 'Outbreak' where they found that the new ebola-like virus 
had a spikey coat? That looked interesting, and it means that when you make 
the film you can show some sexy-looking TEM or freeze-fracture shots.

Good luck with your writing!

Jonathan Depree,
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