Thanks and a new question

Kevin McFarlane nstn2762 at
Tue Nov 26 22:38:38 EST 1996

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the responses to my original posts. I've 
gotten some briliant ideas and the fungus is shaping up nicely. 
	Secondly, I didn't realize that people replied to the newsgroup, 
I thought everybody'd e-mail me instead. So, there still are a couple of 
people that I have to reply to. Sorry for taking so long. Also if anybody 
replied and didn't get a response, please resend the info.
	My new question is for Canadian mycologists (or anyone that might 
know). What's Canadian University houses the leading mycology department. 
Guelph has already been mentioned but I thought one in BC might be more 
logical. Any ideas?


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