grain spawn question

Paul Stewart C/O ABIOGEN stewart at
Sun Nov 24 23:21:54 EST 1996

I am attempting to grow oyster and shiitake spawn on grain in mason jars. The 
oyster is growing on oats (all I could find right now), and I have no holes in 
the tops of the jars. I am incubating them at about 20-24 centigrade (70-75 F) 
and am wondering if I should periodically open them in the laminar flow hood 
to allow air exchange. Each jar is about 1/2 full. Any suggestions?

Also, a friend who is growing red wigglers for an organic farmer asked if 
mycelium would survive passage through the gut of the worm. His idea is to 
inoculate leaf litter with the selected mycelium (edibles or mycorrhizal soil 
fungi, etc) then empty the worms guts by feeding on peat moss for a couple of 
days, then introducing them to the inoculated leaf litter. The worms would 
fill their gut with mycelium, and would inoculate the soil or whatever they 
were subsequently placed on. Sounded wacky enough to ask the group about. \

Thanks for any interest.

Paul Stewart
stewart at

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