swapping cultures

Paul Stewart C/O ABIOGEN stewart at peinet.pe.ca
Sun Nov 24 23:33:02 EST 1996

I am growing out an old library of vasious local 'shrooms, and am interested 
in acquiring new strains, especially of edible wild species. Right now I am 
growing out:

- Cantherellus ciberius
- Morchella elata
- Boletus edulis
- Agaricus brunesens
- Agaricus campestris

as well as a commercial strain of oyster (P. pulmonaris, aka sajor-caju) and 
shiitake (L. edodes). If anyone would like a couple of slants of any of these, 
please let me know. I will trade culture for culture, and am seeking:

- Psilocybe semilanceata
- Morchella esculenta
- any wild oyster species
- Coprinus comatus (Shaggy mane)

Thanks in a big way to anyone willing to trade. As far as I know, shipping 
sterile sealed cultures is no problem between most countries. If I am wrong, 
please enlighten me!

Paul Stewart c/o ABIOGEN Agri-Food Services
RR #2 Vernon Bridge, Prince Edward Island

(902) 651-3163    stewart at cycor.ca

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