Heart stimulation by Cordyceps sinensis

Thomas ODell odellt at ucs.orst.edu
Tue Oct 1 17:12:15 EST 1996

Hi Paul,
The proceeding were published as 2 volumes of Can. J. Bot. vol. 73 
(Suppl.) S1- s1433. Posters (and many session talks) are not included 
and congradulations on the new book

On 30 Sep 1996, Stamets 1 wrote:

> Folks-
> At the International Congress of Mycologists held in Vancover, BC two
> years ago, I saw a poster presentation on the dialation of the heart aorta
> by a group of Japanese (?) researchers. I know of a physician who
> specializes in this field and is well equipped/eager to conduct clinical 
> trials in the U.S. Does anyone have a copy of the proceedings, or better
> yet, a published article I could send him. Any information would be much
> appreciated. Time is of the essence for funding. 
> thank you.
> paul stamets

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