Pleurotus intolerance ??

David N. Gaines dgaines at
Tue Oct 1 23:22:41 EST 1996

Has anyone out there ever heard of anyone developing an intolerance to 
oyster mushrooms.  I have picked cooked and eaten them at least five 
times in the last two months without incident, but today was different.  
For one thing, they did not taste as good as usual (had a stronger 
mushroom flavor) and several hours afterwards I developed a bad case of 
particularly NOXIOUS gas which persisted through the evening, accompanied 
by a somewhat metallic taste in my mouth.  I did not feel horrible, but 
it was unpleasant.  Could I have picked mushrooms slightly past their 
prime?  Was it the chili I ate in the same meal that gave me gas?.  I 
have gotten a metallic taste from mushrooms several times before, once 
years ago after tasting a Hygrocybe conica and once recently after 
nibbling on a Phylloporous sp. (Gilled Bolete).


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