Need some helps for PCR

Lester Pasarell Lester.Pasarell at UTMB.EDU
Wed Oct 2 08:33:20 EST 1996

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>Dear netter...
>	Does anyone have a method of Fungal DNA extraction for PCR by
>using spores or mycelium?  If you do, will you please post it or send it
>to me.
>	Anysuggestions will be welcomed.
>Kanchana Rueksomtawin
>School of Bioresources and Technology
>King Mongkut Institute's of Technology Thonburi
>s671228 at
Dr Makimura's Web site lists several procedures for the isolation of DNA for
different purposes including yeast and moulds...with details check out the
following url and select  a language (English or Japanese) 

(Dr. Makimura's WWW Medical Mycology Site In Japan)

If you do not have access to the WEb e mail me.

hope this helps...


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