Pythium Fungus in dog HELP!!!!

Brucker Residence brucker at
Sun Oct 6 17:13:09 EST 1996

My female Alapaha Bulldog has been diagnosed with "Mycotic Swamp Cancer" a
pythium fungus. Symptoms are:
	left gland in her neck and left tear gland in her eye swollen
	soft tissue in the roof of her mouth is also swollen
	bloody/mucous discharge from her left nostril. 
Does this sound like an accurate diagnosis? Is there a cure?  Can you tell
me more about this disease?  Please forward this message to the proper
authority if you cannot help me.  I can be contacted at this e-mail address
(brucker at or at: 
Robin Dean
P.O. Box 842
Oak Hill,  FL   32759
(407) 867-9690 daytime
(904) 345-2467 evening

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