Matsutake in British Columbia???

EDThielk2 slim at
Wed Oct 9 16:11:54 EST 1996

Paul Klym wrote:
> Anyone heard of any Matsutake (Pine) mushrooms being found in BC yet
> this year? Planning to go hunting next weekend (for personal
> consumption) and would greatly appreciate any tips.

I found a few small mushrooms that I took to be matsutake (A. ponderosa
or Tricholoma magnivelare) on the Northern Olympic peninsula in
Washington this past weekend.  When I cooked them and tasted them they
were quite bitter, and I decided that they were really a very light
(white) version of Tricholoma caligatum.  

Aside from this I found several Sparassis and some hedgehog mushrooms!!

I will be out again this weekend on the west end.  I will let you know.

David Thielk
slim at

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