Glow-in-the-dark Fungi

David N. Gaines dgaines at
Thu Oct 10 09:19:08 EST 1996

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gjjohnso at says...
>For a university essay I would like to find out about some glow in the
>dark fungi, to help get me started.
>Why do some fungi glow?
>How do they achieve this?
>Thanks for the help. Would it be possible to email me?

For starters, you might do a computer search in BIOSIS (if your 
university is any good it will have this on line or on CD's) and look up 
the mushrooms Ompalotus olearius and Omphalotus olivascens.  This should 
list scientific publications concerning these mushrooms all the way back 
to 1970.  Any earlier publications would be found by searching the more 
recent pubs for older references, or paging through BIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS 
year by year.  


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