Genetics (Take ][)

David N. Gaines dgaines at
Thu Oct 10 18:38:25 EST 1996

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>        I posed this question regarding mycological genetics once before
>and I wasn't very clear.  Mushrooms grown *in a closed environment*
>using spore prints from one generation to create the mycelium of the
>next sounds, to me, like inbreeding.  One solution I've considered 
involves cloning.  I have no idea if
>this solution is applicable to fungi but it works well with plants
>(pulling from my botanical knowledge).  Could a section
>of the mycelium be transferred from a fruiting colony into a
>nutrient-rich environment and begin to generate new mycelium which
>would later enter into another fruiting cycle.

Yes, perpetuating a colony through mycelial innoculations is a commonly 
used practice in mushroom cultivation.


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