Matsutake in British Columbia???

Geoff Steckel gwes at
Fri Oct 11 16:31:19 EST 1996

In article <53e60b$h7f at> hkilpatr at (HENRY E. KILPATRICK JR.) writes:
>Speaking of matsutake, has anyone ever found it in the Eastern US?  I
>heard that it grows here, but I don't know anyone who has ever found any. 

An organism which keys out to Armillaria ponderosa/Tricholoma magnevelare
but has a darker (red-brown, I think) cap can be found in New England.
It is accepted as matsutake by the local Japanese and Koreans I've talked to.
It's not -common- but is starting to show up now.

BTW, where/who published the reclassification of Armillaria?


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