Fungus identification databases

JeremyBrowne Jeremy at
Mon Oct 14 00:58:37 EST 1996

I went to the Grand Centenary Exhibition of the British Mycological Society 
the other day, and it was a wondrous affair. Exhibitors from China, Japan & 
Thailand, as well as UK organisations.

There was a demonstration by Guys Hospital (London) Toxicology department of 
the Poisonous Fungi identification database which they are developing, and it's 
very good, photograph-based with supporting text, but not expected to be 
complete until Autumn (Fall) 1997, and then the CD-ROM is expected to cost 
UKP170! Not for your average man in the street (field?) or shroom hunter, at 
that price!

Are there any other (picture-based as well as text-based) fungi identification 
databases that any of you know of, and if so, have you got 
a. name & address of suppliers, and 
b. prices and 
c. comments on their effectiveness or user-friendliness?

Also, are any of them open-ended - i.e. can you easily add your own data & 
pictures as you acquire them?

Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Browne, Hampshire, UK
jeremy at
Shaking Hands BBS, Fidonet 2:252/160 (+44 1252 626233, also FAX)

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