Substrate for Lepiota rhacodes?

Jeremy Shuman jeremyshu at
Tue Oct 15 13:36:42 EST 1996

Francois Mario Schmiedel wrote:
> Darvin DeShazer (Biologist at writes:
> > (Francois Mario Schmiedel) wrote:
> >
> >>Does anyone know what substate works well for the cultivation of Lepiota
> >>rhacodes?
> >
> > I have had good luck with straw bedding from a horse barn; a friend in
> > northern Calif. has innoculated his chicken coup bedding; several people
> > have reported success at the edge of a compost pile.
> > Darvin
> Does this species need a drop in temperature and a casing layer to induce
> fruiting?
> Thanks
> Mario Schmiedel

I don't know about substrate for cultivation, but in my area (central
California) I often find them fruiting under rows of Eucalyptus trees,
or under pine trees in the wood chips used for landscaping. From what I
have read and observed, this mushroom tends to grow where others would
not, including the above examples. Hope this helps.

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