Information on Psilocybe semilanceata wanted

Richard Dahlman rdahlman at
Mon Oct 21 07:50:27 EST 1996

Dear bionet.mycology people,

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with some queries I
have about Psilocybe semilanceata growth parameters. My intention is to
establish the mushrooms in a field near to my home in South England, and
I was curious as to the best way to set about doing this.

I have available, spore prints and I also have the possibility of
getting hold of some turf with P. semilanceata already growing in it.
The sort of things I would like to know is whether it would be better to
start with spores or turf, and if starting from spores, the best type of
substrate to use for spawn. Is it possible to innoculate the field
directly from the spawn, and if so what is the best way of going about
this? How much spawn is required at each innoculation site, and how deep
in the ground should the spawn be buried? What kind of soil conditions
suit this mushroom and what time of year would be best for innoculating
the site. How long can I expect to have to wait before the mushrooms are
reasonably well established?

Someone else was able to provide the information which follows. I
wondered if anyone had any opinions about it, or if anyone has anything
to add. He didn't mention anything about the appearance of the mycelium
which would help me in selecting a good strain (I noticed that the
picture of P. semilanceata mycelium growing on straw in Paul Stamets'
book "The Mushroom Cultivator" is not especially rizomorphic looking, so
should I not expect a particularly high degree of rizomorphism?

>Richard:  You may have some luck working with sterilized straw. Once
>the straw is fully taken, place the straw about 3/4 inch below ground
>surface.....many other factors will come into play like current outside
>temps. It would be best to start spores on Potato Dextrose Agar or Malt
>Extract Agar (PDA or MEA).  Once taken, the agar is then moved to the 
>straw. You may find some other helpful hints in some of our back issues 
>of our Journal we publish "The Mushroom Culture", the Journal of 
>Mushroom Cultivation ("TMC").  It is the world's only color mushroom 
>journal that comes with live mushroom spore prints.  FMRC has FIVE 
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Incidentally, I have some experience in mushroom cultivation already,
including growing in bulk substrates.

Thanks in advance for any advice you are able to give me.

Richard Dahlman

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