Truffle cultivation

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Sun Oct 27 08:43:25 EST 1996

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>Hello from Christchurch in sunny New Zealand, where spring has sprung...
>I am considering the purchase of a local property which features 450 6yr
>old truffle oaks. As yet, I don't have any information from the vendor
>about the prospects for these young trees and their potentially precious
>companions - but this was one of the first experimental plantings in the
>local area, and one of the first in the country. I will of course have a
>chat with the local Ministry of Agriculture (who were involved in the
>planting, I believe), but I would be grateful if anyone could provide (or
>point me in the direction of) information relating to commercial plantings
>of this sort. In particular, I would like to know more about the success
>rate (excluding climatic/soil factors, which I appreciate are extremely
>important) and the potential yield. How long does it take oaks and truffles
>to settle down and produce a crop? What sort of yield is possible/likely?

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