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Fri Sep 6 05:06:47 EST 1996

PhD position
available at the Microbiology Institute, ETH Zürich, starting from the 
1st of January 1997 or at convenience on the subject:

Fruitbody development in the mushroom Coprinus cinereus

Coprinus cinereus is a model organism to study developmental processes 
in the basidiomycetous fungi. The organism is easy to handle in the 
laboratoy and classical and molecular genetic techniques are well 
established for this fungi.
We are a young growing group studying sexual and asexual 
differentiation processes of C. cinereus. In a periode of one and a 
half year we generated a large collection of developmental mutants by 
REMI (restriction enzyme-mediated DNA insertion) and by UV 
mutagenesis. We identified a number of clones which have defects in 
fruitbody initiation and light regulation. The new PhD student is 
expected to characterize such mutants by cytological and physiological 
methods. Genes will be cloned either by plasmid rescue (REMI mutants) 
or by transformation and complementation (UV mutants) using an 
existing genomic library. The genes will be characterised in function 
with molecular genetic techniques. Developmental and environmental 
regulation of gene expression will be studied. Our department is well 
equipped for molecular, biochemical and mycological research as for 
computing and we have access to electron-microscopy.
For relevant literature see Casselton L.A., Kues U. in The Mycota I 
(J.G.H. Wessels, F. Meinhardt, eds) pp. 307-322, Springer 1994 and 
Wessels J.G.H. in The Mycota I, pp 351-366
A successful PhD candidate must have a masters degree (diploma). 
Experiences in molecular DNA techniques, physiology and/or mycology 
are of advantage.

Please contact for further information and send your application with 
curriculum vitae to:

	Prof. Markus Aebi 		(Tel: ++41-1-6326413; e-mail: 
aebi at
or 	Dr. Ursula Kues		(Tel: ++41-1-6324925; e-mail: 
kuees at
	ETH Zürich
	Institut für Mikrobiologie 	(Fax: ++41-1-6321148) 
	Schmelzberstr. 7
	CH-8037 Zurich

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