Gymnopilus spectablis anyone?

David N. Gaines dgaines at
Fri Sep 6 09:30:03 EST 1996

I am looking for information on possible habitat and or forest (tree 
species) associations of Gymnopilus spectablis and other members of this 
genus.  I have searched for them on and off in hardwood forests of the 
Appalachian range (Pennsylvania to Virginia) for the last 15 years and 
had little luck.  Several years ago I worked on a mosquito survey in the 
flood plains of south central Virginia and found Gymnops on several 
occasions.  They were growing on river birch (Betula nigra) stumps and 
logs (mid summer) in an area that was pretty much pure river birch. I did 
not find them in any other forest type environment.  Unfortunately,  I 
did not have time to ID these Gymnops but they were a redish or 
pinkish-orange color, had caps 1-2 inches in diameter  and had a distinct 
anislike odor.  They did not fit the descriptions of G. spectablis  (i.e. 
were too small and too red colored), but had other characteristics of the 
genera.  Are G. spectablis typically found in association with a 
particular tree species or forest habitat?  Is there a season when they 
are more prevalent?  I would appreciate any help I can get on this 

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