Vancouver Island, BC -- what's picking?

Richard S. Winder rwinder at
Mon Sep 9 14:19:34 EST 1996

Mycos wrote:
> Paul Klym <pklym at> wrote:
> >Any suggestions as to where to go for some picking of edibles at this
> >time (ie, over the long weekend)?
> >Thanks,  Paul Klym
> >*** Richard (forgot your last name)... are you there?
> Are you speaking of Richard Winder at the Pacific Forestry Research
> Center? If so , try to contact the South Vancouver Island Mycological
> Society.(He's the editor of their newsletter)They will certainly
> answer your former question anyhow.
>                                           Gary Williams (Mycos)

I'm still here.  I occasionally have to go far afield in my work, so please forgive the 
late response.

It has been very dry on Vancouver Island.  So, while you may find examples of most 
typical early fall-fruiting edibles on the Island (shrimp Russulas, Chanterelles, 
Chicken-of-the-woods are a few I've seen personally), the numbers have been sparse.  I 
dined on chaterelles while camping about 3 weeks ago.  They were relatively dry, 
compact, and somewhat stunted due to the low humidity, and I found very few, but they 
were very tasty compared with the usual fare.  I expect the recent rains will bring 
more, but I also think the dry summer has set things back a bit- Agaricus augustus seems 
sparse right now, and it is usually appears in fair numbers after the slightest drizzle 
this time of year.  Anyone interested in joining SVIMS (we'll be going on forays to 
China Beach and Port Renfrew soon) please contact Hannah Nadel at (604)544-1533.

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