Chanterelles: what's the best way to preserve?

David N. Gaines dgaines at
Mon Sep 9 13:24:12 EST 1996

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>>pklym at writes:
>> We have a whole bunch of Chanterelles. I'm looking for opinions on the
>> best way to preserve them. 
>I am not a mycologists, but have pity,  and so suggest that we
>and shroom cooks, take our non-scientific talk to another sector, 
>alt.nature.mushrooms, and let these folks get on with their work before
>give us a spanking.

Nonsense, this is a news group for all aspects of mycology.  What better 
place to discuss what one can do with mushrooms (cooking, preserving, 
eating, hunting, growing, etc. etc.) than right here at  bionet.mycology. 
 If people want a site where they can discuss strictly scientific 
subjects, they can start a purely science related group. After all, most 
people who are interested in mycology appreciate the various things that 
can be done with fungi.  Fungi are not merely experimental subjects.
Of course if you want to try to start up a new news group, that would be 
fine too.

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