Bulk production of wood-rotting fungi

Jim Worrall jworrall at mailbox.syr.edu
Mon Sep 9 19:20:53 EST 1996

I don't know about Antrodia vaillantii, but Serpula lacrimans is
a cool-temperature fungus, not doing well above about 23 C.  I think
its optimum is somewhere near 18 C.  That may not be your problem,
of course.

Jim Worrall

In article <50phja$6ra at info1.lancs.ac.uk>, A.Thomson at lancaster.ac.uk wrote:

> We are interested in growing wood rotting fungi; e.g. Poria vaillantii, 
> Serpula lacrimans in bulk for enzyme extraction. They do not seem to like 
> being grown in shake culture or stirred reactors and at the moment we can 
. . .

Jim Worrall
SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
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