group usage (formerly Re: Chantarelles)

Eric Robb Siegel esiegel at UNIX1.SNCC.LSU.EDU
Tue Sep 10 12:57:05 EST 1996

	[this may be the second time you see this]

On 9 Sep 1996, Rork Kuick wrote, among other things:

> I am not a mycologists, but have pity,  and so suggest that we
> pot-hunters 
> and shroom cooks, take our non-scientific talk to another sector, perhaps
> alt.nature.mushrooms, and let these folks get on with their work before
> they
> give us a spanking.

Seems we had the scientist vs shroomhunter discussion about a year ago.  
The consensus was that this group was both for experts and for people who 
didn't know asci from ASCII.  I'd like to see it stay that way.

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