Chanterelles: what's the best way to preserve?

Mycos williams at
Tue Sep 10 14:20:28 EST 1996

dgaines at (David N. Gaines) wrote:

>>> We have a whole bunch of Chanterelles.

>Do you know of any good way to handle maggot infested chanterelles.  I 
>have sliced them and soaked them in salt water.   That seems to get rid 
>of the fly maggots pretty well but the mushrooms then become hydrophilic 
>(are soggy and difficult to dry out) and cook up mushier than I would 
>like.  I suppose your method gets rid of the maggots, does it leave you 
>with a firm, fleshy, fungal fruitification in the end?  do you drain them 
>before you put them in the jar?.


So Chanterelles are infested with moggots on the east coast are they?
I'm from B.C. and I don't believe I've every seen a Chanty with a
moggot of any sort in them. Tee Hee heee. I once saw a larvae with a
paculiarly conspiratorial look on it face (?).  Naturally of course, I
had to kill it. Haven't seen one since. Go figure!

                                              Gary Williams

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