Chanterelles: what's the best way to preserve?

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Wed Sep 11 03:37:56 EST 1996

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>>>> We have a whole bunch of Chanterelles.

>>Do you know of any good way to handle maggot infested chanterelles.  I 
>>have sliced them and soaked them in salt water.   That seems to get rid 
>>of the fly maggots pretty well but the mushrooms then become hydrophilic 
>>(are soggy and difficult to dry out) and cook up mushier than I would 
>>like.  I suppose your method gets rid of the maggots, does it leave you 
>>with a firm, fleshy, fungal fruitification in the end?  do you drain them 
>>before you put them in the jar?.


>So Chanterelles are infested with moggots on the east coast are they?
>I'm from B.C. and I don't believe I've every seen a Chanty with a
>moggot of any sort in them. Tee Hee heee. I once saw a larvae with a
>paculiarly conspiratorial look on it face (?).  Naturally of course, I
>had to kill it. Haven't seen one since. Go figure!

>                                              Gary Williams

Hmmm.  My thoughts are that the East Coast and West Coast Chanterelles
are really different species.  The West Coast Chanterelles are mud
encrusted at times with NO larvae on or in them.  The East Coast
Chanterelles are very clean (no dirt) and loved by the local larvae.

That's my humble opinion (got the info from Arora) and hope it helps.

David Bartolotta

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